PathScale EKO Compiler Suite for AMD64 Linux Development Now Fully Interoperable with Absoft Fx2™ Debugging Solution

PathScale EKO Compiler Suite for AMD64 Linux Development Now Fully Interoperable with Absoft Fx2™ Debugging Solution for Fortran/C/C++

Version 1.2 of the PathScale Compiler Available June 30 Also Delivers Significant Performance Improvements for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux Applications

Sunnyvale, Calif. and Rochester Hills, Mich. — June 22, 2004 — PathScale, developer of innovative software and hardware solutions to accelerate the performance and efficiency of Linux clusters, and Absoft Corporation, a world leader in software development tools, have announced the results of a collaborative engineering initiative to assure optimum compatibility and interoperability between the PathScale EKO Compiler Suite for Linux-based AMD64 compatible systems and the Absoft Fx2™ Fortran/C/C++ Debugging Solution.

"Absoft has worked closely with PathScale to achieve seamless interoperability between our respective products, and we are now certifying the PathScale EKO Compiler Suite version 1.2 for use with our Fx2 Debugging Solution for Fortran and C/C++," said Wood Lotz, president of Absoft. "Internal tests at Absoft have verified that the advanced optimizations of the PathScale compilers are really quite fast and we are comfortable recommending our Fx2 Debugging Solution with PathScale compilers to Linux application developers."

The Absoft Fx2 Debugging Solution is the most flexible and comprehensive serial debugger available for Fortran developers, and Fx2 options are also available for debugging in parallel environments. The feature-rich Fx2 debugger also works well for C/C++ and assembler debugging, making Fx2 the industry's most efficient, most complete single node debugging solution. The PathScale EKO Compiler Suite for Fortran 77/90/95 and C/C++ is the world's highest-performance 64-bit compiler for Linux clusters powered by AMD Opteron and Athlon64 processors.

"Absoft has delivered an excellent debugger for Fortran and C-language development and is the first third-party automated debugging tool set formally certified as interoperable with the PathScale EKO compiler suite," said Scott Metcalf, president and CEO of PathScale. "When used together, the Absoft debugging solution and PathScale Compiler Suite uniquely fill a market need for world-class, interoperable development tools that enable organizations to more easily create faster, more efficient Linux cluster applications."

The 1.2 version of the PathScale EKO Compiler Suite will be available from PathScale and its FastPath Resellers worldwide starting on June 30, 2004. This new release will also provide support for SuSE 9.1 and Fedora Core 2, and significant performance improvements for both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. The Fx2 Debugging Solution is available directly from Absoft and from its resellers worldwide.

PathScale will be showcasing its PathScale EKO Compiler Suite in the Advanced Micro Devices booth at the International SuperComputer Conference (ISC2004) in Heidelberg, Germany on June 23-25.

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