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"Over the past four years, AMD and PathScale have collaborated around several common strengths; 64-bit multi-core scalability, outstanding memory bandwidth utilization and optimal settings for a growing array of leading-edge AMD specific architectural features. The PathScale Compiler Suite provides software developers with excellent performance on AMD processors and reduced development time due to outstanding GNU compatibility. In this way, we help our system partners and developers with real-world code to realize the enormous potential in this newest

" It should be noted that PathScale's bread-and-butter x86 compiler business will continue on. Developed at a time when compilers for Opteron-based HPC clusters were scarce, the PathScale x86 products filled a void in that rapidly expanding market. The C/C++ compilers are tightly integrated with the GNU tool chain, allowing users to build applications that mix and match GNU compiler generated objects with PathScale generated ones.

Aug 01, 2007 - Byte and Switch

“This will allow PathScale LLC to focus on delivering even greater compiler performance and multicore processor scalability,” said Margaret Lewis, director, Commercial Solutions, AMD. “PathScale remains an important member of the ecosystem of AMD partners who are working with AMD to evolve multicore processing.” (Full article here.)

QLogic Portfolio to be Expanded with InfiniBand
Technology for the Emerging System Area Network Fabric Market

November 10, 2004 Bio IT World

Application Development Tools & Products

"The PathScale EKO Compiler Suite includes C, C++ and Fortran 77/90/95 compilers that have been specifically tuned for maximum performance on AMD64 servers, including those based on the AMD Opteron and Athlon64. They provide the absolute highest performance for scientists and programmers that are developing 64-bit Linux based applications."

November 10, 2004 The New IBM Linux Line

PathScale Debuts Linux Clustering Solutions

"PathScale, a developer of hardware and software for Linux clusters, has unveiled three solutions that the company believes will accelerate the use of Linux clusters in high performance computing (HPC) environments."

June 23, 2004 - The Inquirer

Pathscale intros AMD-64 compiler suite upgrade

"PathScale and Streamline Computing said that they've cross certified each other for their EKO Compiler Suite and Distributed Debugging Tools."

June 22, 2004 -Primezone

Absoft Fx2 Debugger for Fortran and C/C++ Now Fully Interoperable with PathScale EKO Compiler Suite for AMD64 Linux

"Absoft Corporation and PathScale have announced the results of a collaborative engineering initiative to assure interoperability between the PathScale EKO Compiler Suite and the Absoft Fx2 Fortran/C/C++ Debugging Solution"